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Corum Basses with Alliance Trebles - Normal Tension - Red Card - Alliance Plain KF Trebles/Corum Silver-Plated Wound Basses

String Diameters in inches 1st-6th:
.024 .027 .033 .029 .035 .042

The Corum strings use the Alliance trebles, but the basses are created with a different winding process that seems to extend their longevity and improve their intonation.

The Red Card is the middle tension and the highest tension is called the Blue Card rather than Yellow. The Red basses are warmer than the Blue which are more cutting. Also, there is more of a tone color difference between the 1st string and the 2nd and 3rd in the Red tension than in the Blue. Otherwise, the two tensions are fairly similar.

Basses: The tone color of these basses is rich and warmer than the Alliance though their projection is still excellent. Their longevity is good, and the intonation is reliable. They allow for plenty of color variety and flexibility for vibrato.

Trebles: These are probably the thinnest of all the strings we carry. If you are looking for a cutting, brilliant treble, these are good candidates for you. Their response is extremely quick. They are very smooth and not as stable under the fingers as most other brands, though the difference feels negligible to many players. These strings are good examples of a brand that sounds very good on some guitars and quite a bit weaker on others perhaps because of their emphasis of one color.
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